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24/7 Customer Support

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Mayfair Delivery Corporation is a leading robust same-day express shipping, moving, and delivery company of goods headquartered in Woodbridge, Virginia. Through our world-class digital software and i-Smart technology® solutions, we provide a flexible

i-Motion™ pilot display platform for vital systematic carrier data and real-time logistics tracking connectivity services with transferable  i-Central™ matrix-communication and remote-linking channels. These technologies enable us to serve our markets and customers efficiently and productively. We offer our services nationwide and worldwide.

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Gain trust through our same-day eco-friendly express carrier services, (NFC) National Franchise Contracting services, and Award Licensing Business Systems. With a team of highly skilled customer service professionals working side-by-side throughout our i-National™ Corporate Carrier Networking Facilities and Packaging Hub Business Centers, we can serve customers, clients, communities, and businesses in our distribution ecosystem faster and successfully.


Mayfair Electronics, Inc and Smart-Pay™ are subsidiary entities of Mayfair Delivery™ Corporation that focuses its expertise on R&D of hardware and software carrier infrastructure and multi-functional i-CPU™ USB removable plug-in outlet products known as i-Technology™. In this sector of our business, we team up with high tech corporations for industry ready on-the-go mobile technology devices ready for market use. These products are applicable to renewable charging and storage, barcode scanning, emerging technology, 21st virtual-pay™, seamless stock finance, asset protection management, and access control gate-way services.

The patented smart-mobile products are used commercially for streamline Cyber-Air™ hybrid business, travel, and end-user consumers. These devices also provide comfort of i-Soft™ E-commerce, point-of-sale monetization, computing transactions with i-Invoice™ billing receipt, Bluetooth, i- 365 TV™ ad per-view navigation, calling, global Wi-Fi capabilities for enterprise ready IT management, worldwide transportable i-Web™ genuine blueprint dash-boarding, universal serviceable security, and management solutions.

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Save up to 10% off total delivery invoices over $300 dollars for shipping, moving, and delivery services.

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